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Christmas Stories

Christianity 101

In this five week series, we will discuss the basics of the Christian faith and how these basics transform who we are.


Christians were never meant to live in isolation.  We grow and thrive best when we embrace Christian community.  This leads to true discipleship.  

Psalm 23

One of the most popular and recited chapters in the Bible. Let's take a look at what it means.

Things Happen

Things happen. This is an inevitable reality in a broken world. But maybe there is something MORE happening beneath the surface and maybe the things we go through aren't simply accidents.


The past should never dictate the present.  But sometimes we find ourselves pulled tightly into it's grip.  Freedom in Christ will always abolish the power of the past.

The Disease To Please

Many of us are afflicted with the "Disease to Please".  Sometimes the roots are deep, personal, and effect all aspects of our life. Join us we take a closer look.

Loving the 606

Our entire conversation must begin and end with love.  We must understand it and we must know what it means to live it.  And we're fully expressing it, then those around us will know it.